As we have said, Professional Protection is at the heart of what we do. Our Security and Protection Contracts pay for our voluntary services to NGO’s that fight Human Trafficking.



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Working with the Defender Task Force may cover a wide range of duties and opportunities to serve your community and others. We volunteer our time to The Defender Foundation in the investigations of Human Trafficking cases, and the retrievals and transportation of victims. We are not a simple Private Security Company by any sense. You may also train and contract as Law Enforcement, Security Forces and PSD teams worldwide. If you take a contract as a Shield Team Agent or Officer, you are expected to adhere to a high standard of honor, integrity and service. Being a Shield Team Agent or Officer is belonging to a team of brave men and women who are not just brave enough to light their candle outside the gates of hell, they will assault past the gates to bring captives back. Being a Shield Team Agent or Officer is a source of pride, a source of strength and a knowledge that you have stood, when others remained seated. We protect, we defend, and we stand against the darkness.

We are the Defender Task Force Shield Teams.


Think you have what it takes to be a professional? 

Current hiring freeze. Next opportunities should be end 2021.

We are currently restructuring almost every aspect of the Task Force. This will enable us to have world class resources for both missions assigned, and contracted assignments. Big things are coming.

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We ask all who are on active deployments to contribute monthly to the DTF Warrior Fund. This money is set aside for light level administration (10%) with 90% for emergency purposes for our DTF Shield Teams. This covers for flights and expenses of flying a Shield Team member home if there is a family emergency while on deployment. It also pays for his replacement’s (if necessary) gear and flight to replace him. As we employ serious positions with possibly serious repercussions, it also pays for the repatriation of a fallen Shield Team member to their family, if the contract does not cover it. This fund is also for family emergencies for the family members of deployed Shield Team agents and officers. In some circumstances, it will help on an emergency basis-Shield Team members who have deployed but are currently off contract. We take care of our own.

The Defender Foundation


The Defender Foundation is a charity formed to fight Human Trafficking and is the founding organization of the Shield Teams and the Shield Team concept. We ask those who are currently on contract to donate a small portion of their pay (voluntarily) to their volunteer Shield Team Agent brothers and sisters who fight on donations alone. Generally, the financial terms we obtain for you on contract, make this more than comfortable.These donations will fund investigations, transportation expenses, victim retrievals and Public Chapter operations to fight Human Trafficking. Being a Shield Team Agent is about being more than a warrior, more than hired hand. It is about taking a stand, it is about being a man or woman of honor, it is about putting others first.