Defender Mining & Construction

It may come as no surprise that with the name of Defender Mining & Construction, Inc. that we are not your average mining corporation. When Defender Mining comes into a project, we do our absolute best to assess the concessions and are already looking to how to safeguard the land and surrounding communities. We seek to not only be an employer of the local community, but to help support, empower and innovate the local community through projects, communication and infrastructure.


Mining with Dedication

We mine with more than an eye for deadlines and margins, we are dedicated to our employees and to the land itself, which provides to us all.


Defender Mining & Construction adheres to a standard that few can follow. Our profits grow our company, its resources and fuels our fight with Defensor Industries focus on fighting Human Trafficking.


Global Services


Innovation is Now, not just for the Future


Safety is the Base of Every Standard


Global Security Standard of Excellence


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